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is an international sustainable brand consultant and fashion stylist. After years of working and traveling internationally, she witnessed the increase of negative impacts that the fashion industry has on both the environment and its labor force that make everything possible. In 2019, Dittmer made the promise that if she stayed in the fashion industry, she would align her business practices with her values by centering transparency, inclusion, and community. 

To become an expert in sustainability...

She has immersed herself in eco-conscious living practices, products, brands that challenge the way sustainability is currently defined. For Dittmer and these brands, awareness is key to building a more sustainable world. Unpacking one’s carbon footprint is just the beginning. We need to be diving deep into the ecological and social impacts we have on the world around us and the world we want to create for future generations.

Cassandra specializes in locating both established and emerging brands, designers and creatives who are at the forefront of sustainable technologies and practices. By creating on-going partnerships with these makers, she has direct access to exclusive products for both her styling clients and creative collaborators. Dittmer and her team curate and create in-depth content that spans across the realms of travel, fashion, beauty, and culture.

Her brand and lifestyle services blend design, marketing, styling, and taste-making that challenges what sustainability means in an authentic, elegant and immersive way. Whether it is getting out-fitted in sustainable brands for an event, aligning your business’ values with eco-friendly practices, or getting originally curated content about sustainability around the globe, her team creates products with aesthetic and substance.




With nine years of styling experience, Cassandra can help you align your wardrobe with your values. She mixes her refined aesthetic and curatorial eye with her international network of sustainable, fair trade, and ethically made products to find the right piece for any occasion.  

For tailored recommendations and, or styling consultations please start by filling out the styling questionnaire.



Cassandra is open to immersive collaborations with established and emerging sustainable, fair trade, and ethical lifestyle companies. She also uses her expertise to help brands and institutions who want to increase their awareness and incorporate more sustainable business practices.

Collaborations include but are not limited to brand ambassador programs, design collaborations, Instagram content production and features, brand content curation, and creation and marketing strategy.



Are you looking for a sustainable lifestyle expert to bring life to your event? Cassandra is an informed and charismatic addition to any speaking event. Whether hosting, participating on a panel, or being a guest on a podcast, she enjoys opportunities to share what she’s learned and to continue growing as a member of the sustainable community.

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