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With nine years of styling experience, Cassandra can help you align your wardrobe with your values. She mixes her refined aesthetic and curatorial eye with her international network of sustainable, fair trade, and ethically made products to find the right pieces for any occasion.


Be it event specific, fully-styled outfits, staple overhauls or a targeted item search, eStyling is a service that can do it all. Every piece is carefully chosen to exemplify your style beliefs while also making you look and feel your best. Cassandra’s elevated and personalized eStyling is structured to integrate what matters most to you into what you wear, and alleviate the time it takes to find brands that fit your lifestyle.

closet treasures

Shopping your closet is one of the most sustainable ways to reinvent your wardrobe. For those who request fully curated looks by Cassandra, she will work with you to utilize your closet treasures as much as possible alongside pieces from her tailored network of independent boutiques and small brands.

For tailored recommendations and/or styling consultations please start by contacting us with your request.


Let Cassandra get to know you! To get a sense of your priorities, the first step will be to establish your styling needs through a thorough questionnaire. Your answers will help Cassandra to develop mindful package suggestions which will also include suggested communication style(s) and timeline.

Gain an introduction and deep dive into the world of sustainable fashion. Cassandra has spent her career building a strong community of stylish, unique and diverse brands from around the globe in order to bring you the highest quality curation of clothes. You’ll step foot into a whole new realm of amazing retailers doing good in the world and grow in your understanding of what really defines ethical brands.

The foundation of your style will be designed by Cassandra in the form of a moodboard to act as a framework to get started. Establishing an agreed upon aesthetic and vision upfront will ensure an efficient and timely turnaround when curating your unique look.

After signing off on the mood board, a Curated Digital Boutique will be created by Cassandra that will have direct links to relevant items, brands/boutiques and detailed instructions based on your eStyling package. Products featured on the Curated Digital Boutique will include an explanation for their selection and will be comprised of varying styles and price points.

It’s not enough that your clothes are held to high value standards – they should also make you feel amazing with how you look. If for any reason you aren’t quite “vibing” with the first go-around, that’s totally fine! Each package includes up to two Curated Digital Boutique edits.




Let Cassandra know what you’re looking for.



Q&A to get to know you and your values.



Cassandra will source the right pieces using your needs and values.



Vibe check! Making sure you and Cassandra are on the same page. 



Where the magic happens.



Making edits to get you closer to your goal.



1:1 CHAT





Yes! There are packages that include a mini closet update and a complete closet refresh. In line with our sustainability initiatives, we do ask if you want to incorporate anything you already own throughout the styling process. 

Our styling services include event styling and daily styling. Upon entering a styling collaboration you will be asked to answer a questionnaire. In the questionnaire you can dictate what type of styling service you are looking for. 

I offer both services. I can update your staples or targeted items as well as accommodate head-to-toe requests.

My background is in VIP and celebrity dressing, but this service is for anyone who is looking to work with a stylist. I want to be a resource for creating an accessible wardrobe that exemplifies your personal values and style.

The timeline will also be established in the questionnaire and initial email process. Pending the turnout and response time on both ends, this process typically takes 7-10 days before your Curated Digital Boutique is available. This allows our stylists time to make sure your CDB is personalized, thoughtful and tailored for your needs.

You can hire Cassandra individually for styling, collaboration, and hosting. You can also hire our interdisciplinary creative collective, SHEER, for expanded services beyond styling.

Upon entering a styling collaboration, a questionnaire will be sent to you to get a better understanding of what values you are looking to implement into your wardrobe choices. I focus on sustainability, transparency, ethical practices, women-owned, female designers, diversity inclusion, regional or locally sourced requests, and all-up responsibly driven companies.

A moodboard is a visual representation of the desired aesthetic we are looking to obtain in our styling collaboration. This is not a Curated Digital Boutique with shoppable links. This is a preliminary board to make sure we are on the same page with the styling direction. The board may represent concepts, colors, tones, styles, inspirational people or time periods vs. specific items to purchase, all of which will come in the second round of our styling collaboration.

Yes! This service is currently included for all eStyling packages. 

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