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A Note From Cassandra

A Note From Cassandra

A Note From Cassandra -

New Beginnings

I believe in creating equality through accountability. While reflection is crucial, I am committed to change by action and transparency.

A Note From Cassandra: Just over three years ago, I started my styling business with much simpler goals. After much hesitation about staying in the fashion industry, I made a promise to myself that I would center my business around transparency, sustainability, and inclusion. I wanted to create a space where I could style and design without compromising my values. But I knew I needed a team. I was craving a community that champions integrity, inclusion, and innovation– a place where I could be supported and focus on turning my intentions and values into a real business. Just as I was gearing up to launch the new platform, both COVID-19 and the recent and continuous murders of Black people across the globe brought me to a pause. This was the time to reflect and then act intentionally.

Over the years, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the way the industry was functioning. I am uncomfortable with the treatment and disadvantages that minorities are met with in the industry. I am deeply saddened about the lack of conversations about manufacturing both sustainably AND intersectionality. The lip service and greenwashing that big brands give to their customers to be a part of the movement is unacceptable. Above all, the fact that I am just now prioritizing this on a personal and professional level is really something to reflect on. The fashion industry has for a long time been complicit in systematic oppression and the decline of environmental health. 

I believe in creating equality through accountability. 

While reflection is crucial, I am committed to change by action and transparency. Over the last year, I have focused on building out a platform that lives beyond what and who I can style in a day. This has meant growing a team around me that collectively shares and expands my initiatives.

As a team, we have taken time to listen, learn, and absorb. Although we all come from different backgrounds and privileges we all agree that unpacking sustainability means unpacking ecological and racial impacts as well. I firmly believe it is not enough to not be racist we must participate in anti-racist work. This shows in the brands that we work with and throughout our entire styling, design, and content creation process. We are a better company only if we are contributing towards a future we are proud of by focusing on intersectional views on sustainability and fashion.

I strive to lead by example and authenticity. I believe there is so much to learn from anyone with differently lived experiences. You can continue to expect that I will do my research and share this space with marginalized communities by creating products with aesthetics without compromising substance. We will help lead on a journey to transparency and allyship in the fashion community. This is a journey that focuses on education and sharing resources with you.

Thank you for joining me!

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