Fitness Designer Crushes

I wanted to share some of my workout clothing brands & items that I have been loving.  Top 3 at the moment (and foreseeable future) are Outdoor Voices, P.E. Nation, and Year of Ours.

OV – the pieces are perfectly tonal and the fabrication is super high quality.  I have had a couple sets for years and they feel like I just bought them.  The brand itself also has a really cool sense of community that makes my heart happy.  Their campaigns feel so positive and real.

P.E. Nation packs the punch and I love me a little Aussie brand. It screams activewear with an opinion. If nascar-chic is a trend you are also eyeing- this is your brand. I love that the brand has a global fashion perspective.  Less approachable, but more exciting. Extra perk that it’s also two talented females designers behind the brand.

Year of Ours – I love that they are female led and made in the USA .  They are doing fashion-foward cuts really well and not sacrificing quality or functionality in the process.  Their clothing is made perfectly seamless for daily errands and actually hitting the gym.

All are spin, running, lifting, yoga, brunch, (and Cassandra) approved. xx  

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